Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sue Scheff: Cyber Slander, Internet Defamation, Online Harassment etc - Can Be Costly!

For those that still are convinced that if you nothing to lose (financially or morally) - you think you have no worries as you continue to defame others online -think twice. Life as you know it can become extremely stressful - now that I have the domesticated judgment for $11.3M - an examination under oath is being scheduled for the defendant.

If she chooses to be not 100% truthful, there are many legal ways to determine the truth and what assets have been transferred to avoid being ceased.

Garnishment of wages will be included and I am confident many people in today's times would not want to be part of this.

The moral of this is - be careful what you type online - it may not only come back to haunt you, but it could definitely cost you! With today's recession the last thing you need is a judgment for any amount.

Free Speech is still alive and well - but it will never condone defamation!

Google Bomb, my next book will fully cover this subject!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sue Scheff: Are you being slimed online?

This week my co-author, John Dozier and I, announced our exciting new book that will be released in fall 2009 from Health Communications, Inc. Then I read this article that I could really identify with. Slimed Online from

Michael Fertik, CEO and Founder of ReputationDefender, was powerful force in helping these women fight for their online image. As a client of ReputationDefender, their services are priceless - although there seems to be many of these services popping up now, as the demand grows, I feel that in my experiences, the pioneer of these online reputation management companies start with ReputatationDefender.

Our new book, Google Bomb, will be a must read for anyone and everyone that works and plays online. From protecting your online profile and reputation, to keeping your kids safe, this new book is a must have - and can potentially help you from being a victim of wicked and evil keystrokes.

Years ago gossip was limited to a geographically area that you live in. Today gossip goes viral worldwide! Your one former friend is now a foe or a few clients out of years of a reputable business have decided to take revenge via e-venge! Take cover, Google Bomb can help you protect yourself.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sue Scheff Announces New Book Release - Google Bomb!

“GOOGLE BOMB” Take Cover! by John Dozier and Sue Scheff

Do you know what Google is saying about you?

Oh yes, it is almost here, my second book! This time around, I am honored to have co-author and Internet Specialist Attorney, John Dozier .

As my story of my landmark case of $11.3M jury verdict for damages unravels - many questions answers, John Dozier will bring us the legal landscape of today’s Cyber World - how to protect your online image and maintain a profile you are proud of! Have you thought about Internet Gossip vs Internet Fact? How do you know the difference? Don’t get caught in the web - read Google Bomb!

To compound our dynamic and explosive upcoming best seller - Michael Fertik, CEO and Founder of ReputationDefender will be writing the foreword! ReputationDefender is one of the pioneers in managing online reputations and helping keep your kids privacy safe online.

This timely book will offer you tools and remedies as well as a very compelling story that will keep you turning those pages! Remember, a 20 year reputation today can be destroyed within 20 minutes of vicious keystrokes.

Monkeys Don’t Fly? Do they? Ahhhh, just wait and you will see - the Internet has become its’ own animal. The Internet can be an educational tool - but - it can also be a lethal weapon!

Published by Health Communications Inc. (HCI) - Google Bomb will be released in Fall 2009.