Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sue Scheff: Revenge is a dish best served ... online

Vengeance websites are giving angry women the chance to expose their ex-partners as love rats. David Smith on the rising tide of ‘e-venge’

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As a victim of E-Venge (Sue Scheff) I know firsthand how deadly a few keystrokes can be to a person, a business and in life. I fought back - and won an uprecedented jury verdict for damages of over $11M for malicious and defamatory online comments.

Free speech will not condone defamation - this is not about the first amendment. I will continue to be a voice in promoting Internet Safety without infringing on free speech. My meetings with my Senator and my Congresswoman are the beginning of a long journey towards positive change.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sue Scheff - Websites Promoting Internet Safety

Connect with Kids constantly keeps parents updated on today’s kids and issues surrounding them. Today’s techy generation need even stronger parenting.

Reputation Defender MyChild is a great place for parents to start in keeping their child’s privacy “private!”
As a victim of Cyber-harassment - I continually speak out about Internet Safety, especially for kids today that use the social networks. Parents need to be informed on how to keep our kids safe online.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sue Scheff on The Rachael Ray Show - Hot Topic of CyberSlander

Sue Scheff continues to be a voice against CyberSlander. As both a victim and survivor of Internet Defamation, she has become a leader in promoting Cyber Safety.

On April 17th Sue Scheff appeared on the Rachael Ray Show talking about Cyber Slander and promoting her upcoming new book - Wit’s End!

Free Speech will never condone defamation. In an unprecedented jury verdict for damages, Scheff was awarded over $11Mfor the malicious and defamatory online comments from a woman that wanted E-Venge.

For more articles on E-Venge - check out Sue Scheff retained the priceless services of Reputation Defender. If you are a victim of Internet Abuse, take a moment to review the services Reputation Defender has to offer.

If you are a parent, it is important to consider Reputation Defender MyChild to help protect your child online.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Internet Defamation, Slander, CyberBullying - Sue Scheff a Voice for Online Safety

Check out my new website on Podcasts about E-Venge.

Today's Cyber World has created new concerns for many people, especially parents and their kids using the Social Networking sites such as MySpace.

It is important to read how to protect your kids online and also be aware of where they are surfing.

I often recommend to parents to consider Reputation Defender/MyChild to help them monitor their children's name and where and how it is being used online.