Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sue Scheff: Promoting Internet Safety

Cyberbullying has become a past-time for some people, that in my opinion, have too much time on their hands. Wouldn't it be nice if they could find some constructive work that may actually help people?

Since I have been put in the media attention with my court victories including winning an unprecedented $11.3M jury verdict for damages, I am now working with one of my Florida State Senator's and we meet with our Congresswoman. Together we will fight to help create a safer Internet.

It is time to make Cyberspace a safe place not only for children, but for people that are being ruined by people with too much time on their hands - and people that believe that free speech is a free for all on the Internet. Remember, free speech does not condone defamation and libelous statements.

As I begin the garnishment of the defendant that has $11.3M judgment on her - it should be a reminder to all those that want to hurt others with a stroke of a key.

The "obsession" with me may not stop, but I will use it to help others and use it to promote Internet Safety. Taking all the negative and turning it into a positive result..... Fighting back against Internet Abuse and helping protect others from the type of harassment.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sue Scheff: Five Ways to Defend Yourself Online

True or false, the information people find about you on the Web can have a big impact on your life. Here are five techniques to make sure that what people read about you is good (or at least true).

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Defending yourself online has became a serious concern for many people. The lack of regulations in Cyberspace means you have to learn to maintain your own Google Image.As both a victim and survivor of Internet Defamation, I know first hand the toll this can take on a person and their family. I fought back and won an unprecedented jury verdict for damages of $11.3M.

Free Speech does not condone defamation!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sue Scheff - A Voice Against Internet Defamation and Internet Slander

After I won an unprecedented jury verdict for damages done to me online of $11.3M - this has brought me into a new chapter of my advocacy. As a parent advocate, I educate parents on a loosely regulated industry some call - teen help residential programs and schools. After a horrific experience with my own teenager, I become a voice to create awareness to others so they didn't make the same mistakes I did.

Now with this new chapter of Internet Abuse and Cybersafety - I have meet with my Florida Senator several times and we just meet with our Congresswoman. I am very confident positive changes will be made to create a safer cyberspace - help to make people accountable - and reduce cyberbullying through new legislation.

My new position has put me in a public light, and I plan on using it to help others. I am contacted on a regular basis from victims of the Internet harassment as well as many media outlets. This is now a topic that is not going away anytime soon.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sue Scheff Podcasts on Internet Slander and Defamation

Check out my new Podcasts on Internet Defamation, Internet Gossip, Internet Slander and Cyberbullying. This is becoming a major concern among people and parents today.

I will continue to be a voice against Cyber Crimes and Internet Harassment.

This week I meet with my Congresswoman and my Florida Senator and feel confident positive changes are in the future. I will continue working with them and continue to be a voice to help parents and others.