Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sue Scheff Being a Voice for others that are "Caught in the Net"

It would have been so much easier to run and hide, remove my websites, stop helping parents, stop being here for so many families that have used our information to help their situations - but I didn't.

Why? Because I believe in sharing my experiences (good and bad) - my mistakes (which I made a lot) - in hopes that others will learn from them. It has worked! There are literally thousands of people that have heard my story and have written me about their experiences.

With the recent increase in Internet Crimes, Identity Theft, Internet Defamation and simply invading personal lives of others - my voice stands out for fighting back.

I didn't take it - I went the legal route - and won in an unprecedented jury trial a verdict of $11.3M.

Then I retained Reputation Defender/MyEdge to further combat the destruction of my online reputation. It is not to hide information, but rather to bring the truth to the top!

I encourage others that have become victims of today's CyberWorld to lift your head up high, believe in yourself and don't feed the trolls!

Internet Terrorism is on the rise - don't get caught up in it - defend yourself and believe in who you are. At the end, as in my case, the truth will prevail.